Virginia Beach, VA

Juneau, and Ketchikan AK
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(920) L.I.FOCUS (920-543-6287)


Surrounded by the natural beauty and majesty of Alaska, Herbert has turned a personal pastime into a full time love of photography- and he has captured our hearts and imaginations in the process. This laid back Virginia native has made Alaska his home for the last nine years, and his love of its beauty is reflected in his photographs. Whether it is the play between light and shadows during a sunset in the Inside Passage, the cool solitude of Gambier Bay, or a head spinning decent amidst a forest canopy, Herbert brings a fresh outlook and unique perspective to everything he captures on film.

Naturally, this unique perspective carries over into his portraits. Never one to be constrained by traditional practices or set rules of photography, Herbert uses his instincts and the feel of the moment to attain something distinctive and thoroughly his own. He has worked as a freelance photographer for the Juneau Empire and Ketchikan Daily News where he has become known and respected for his sports photographs and his innate ability to capture action. He has worked for the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department and Capital City Fire and Rescue as an Emergency Scene Photographer. Throughout it all, Herb's photography continues to capture the intimacy of daily life and the spirit of people.

-Anne O'Connell