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2017 Senior Portrait Rates:

Jan to May (off season) -
1 Hour Session: $225
2-2.5 Hour Session: $315, includes $50 off your first print order of $75 or more
4-5 Hour Session: $455, includes $50 off your first print order of $75 or more

Jun to Dec (regular season) -
1 Hour Session: $225 (for when you just gotta get it done)
2-2.5 Hour Session: $420, includes $50 off your first print order of $75 or more
4-5 Hour Session: $595, includes $50 off your first print order of $75 or more

*Please see FAQs for more info about the session length options.


Special Discounts:

Rock Star: Each Minute Sixteen staffer has a very limited amount of discount cards that they give to the best prospective clients. They range from 5%-20% off the sitting fee. Want one? Chase down a Minute Sixteen Minion!

Louisiana Upstart: For the 2017 season, Louisiana Sessions are 30% off for the first five clients! Please contact us soonest to set up your session to take advantage of the offer.


More Details on Sitting Fees:

Sitting fees include the consult session, unlimited locations within the booked time (which includes traveling time)

If there are additional costs outside our control (such as admission tickets, helicopter rentals, etc), those are typically borne by the client.

Sitting fee is due at conclusion of the consult. If session is cancelled more than 24 hours in advance, sitting fee is refundable minus actual expenses. But don't worry, we work around delays for weather all the time and will always work with you. No refunds for no-call no-shows.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Which session length option should I pick?

First, whatever option you pick, the images you'll get will always be of the utmost quality and in typical Minute Sixteen style. If at the consult we realize that your session works best under one option or another (in either direction), we will make a recommendation. Bring ALL your ideas, shoot for the moon, and I'll give you my best recommendation on how we can make it happen for you.

Second, let me say: Don't worry, it's not an endurance race! You won't do 5 hours straight in front of the camera. The idea of the longer option is we are able to split the shoot into two or three locations and have shorter sessions split over the time to best take advantage of weather, sunlight, etc.

The four-to- five hour session is the hallmark of Minute Sixteen. It gives us the freedom to create a complete plethora of varied images in style, location, props, etc which will fully represent your whole personality. For example, with five hours, we are able to do a traditional/ formal shoot in the morning, then a unique, far fetched/ location shoot in the afternoon. Or we spend the whole time up a mountain and get some fanatic images in a unique setting.

With the two hour session, we can do anything from a smattering of simple images to concentrating on one particularly intricate creation. Expect locations to be limited to one or two, but we will sure shoot the heck out of those locations!

With the one hour session, we are pretty much limited to one location and the number of images will depend on the complexity of the ideas.


What happens at the consult?

The consult is the very first step in the creative process. This is a quick meeting so we can talk ideas, scheduling, and locations. For Senior Clients, parents are welcome because they often have specific requests for the shoot. The consult in person is preferred, but over the phone works when necessary.

Please note that the sitting fee is due at this time as well via check (preferred), cash, or credit.

Unlike other photo sessions you may have experienced, the Minute Sixteen process is extremely collaborative in order to represent the real, honest YOU. There are no standard poses or standard locations here. So, the more ideas you bring to the consult, the easier it will be for us to develop them together. What do you want your portraits to say about you? Sports, activities, a favorite animal/ location/ possession…. It could be anything! We enjoy unique ideas and will brainstorm together during the consult.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but since we shoot so many styles and techniques, saying you're "open to anything" is actually the least helpful approach. Sometimes we can make that work, but not always.

If, during the consult, it seems like we might not be the best fit for what you’re looking for, that’s ok. We can refer out to our skilled partners who specialize in bringing your exact wishes to life.


What should I bring to my photo session?

Please bring a few different colors and/ or outfits. Remember that solid black and solid white are fairly difficult to work with. Haircuts are best no less than a couple days before the session, as recent haircuts result in odd looking tan lines during the summer, and irritated skin in the winter. Please also be sure to bring a comb or other personal gear as necessary. This often includes bug spray, boots, towels, coats, hand warmers, gloves, etc. We want you to be comfortable!


What if the weather isn’t cooperating?

Especially with SE Alaska’s propensity for liquid sunshine, weather delays do often happen. As your scheduled session date approaches, we can reschedule as necessary. Often, this means coordinating plans the morning of the scheduled shoot.


What happens after the session?

Your images will be uploaded under a password protected gallery and you will receive an e-mail notification. Although we work as fast as possible, posting can take up to four weeks or more during peak season. We appreciate your patience and promise that the photos will be worth the wait. There will be unedited proofs as well as a separate gallery of edited sample images that are representative of what the final product would look like.

During a three hour photo session, there will typically be around 30-40 proofs but this can vary depending on the particulars of the shoot. Please be aware proofs are unedited and most definitely will not look as good as the final product. However, any images that you do order will be fully edited prior to shipping.

Again, we appreciate your patience and kindly ask that you please refrain from contacting us for updates during this process, as that only slows things down.


What editing do you do?

You will never receive an unfinished image from us. Nor will you see overly filtered images, with plastic skin and use of cheesy effects. Each of our products that you order is individually edited by hand to bring out the best in the picture and the best of the natural, honest you.


How long will it take to receive my prints?

Once you select your images and place your order, each photo will be individually edited then printed and shipped. Depending on the content of the order, please allow up to four weeks for delivery. If you need a rush order, it works best to place a smaller separate order with only the prints that you need in a hurry, and to let me know to expect the rush order. Generally, ordering photos already edited or multiple prints of fewer images delivers tremendously faster than ordering single prints of multiple images.


Do you provide the original image files?

I offer digital downloads and CDs of the full-sized image, as long as the image is purchased for personal use only. You can then share via e-mail and/ or make prints of the photo yourself. The image will be fully edited and ready to print.


What about Facebook, E-mail, etc?

I can often be talked into providing a smaller, watermarked image of a photo that you have already purchased, which can be used on Facebook, emailed, etc so feel free to ask! You can also often find electronic photos already online on the Minute Sixteen Photography Facebook page (and be sure to become a fan while you’re there!).

If we can answer any more questions, e-mail us at [email protected]