Visual Storytelling:

"Life in Focus", it's more than just our motto. It's not enough for us to create casual snapshots. We want every portrait session we do to tell a story, *your* story, in a dynamic way. With a photojournalism background embedded in our work, we want it to be an honest and timeless representation of the client as a person. Don't expect any green screens or photo fakery here!

Timeless imagery:

We create portraits that will stand the test of time. This means you won't be embarrassed by your photos 10 years from now, as we avoid extreme filter effects and steer clear of the typical flinch worthy posing seen elsewhere.

Anytime, anywhere:

On top of a mountain, on the water, in a helicopter hangar, in the middle of the night… we have the technical expertise and experience to make it happen. Never feel as though you are bound by the confines of a traditional studio. We can work inside if you’d prefer, or we will make our own studio in the world around us. Your choice.

Pride in our final products:

You will never receive an un-finished image from us. Nor will you see overly photoshopped images here, with plastic skin and use of cheesy effects. Each of our prints and image products that you order is individually edited by hand to bring out the best in the picture, and the best of the natural you. Nothing more, nothing less.

We take the time to know you:

From the initial consult to the shoot itself, we take the time to make sure that the end results will match your personality and vision.


We strive to consistently operate in a league far beyond anything our competitors can produce. We have nine years of hard work put into building a reputation for creative ideas and unconventional images. Come experience the difference.