Minute Sixteen would not be what it is without both our dedicated, talented staff and our supporters who do everything from letting us in a gym for a shoot to loaning us a helicopter as a prop. Here's to them:

Alaska Studios (Juneau, Ketchikan, Anchorage):

  • Adam "Streeeetch" Empson
  • Adam "Whats His Name" Ramsay
  • Alex Jorgensen
  • Bryce "Too Tall" Swofford
  • Grant "Eeyore" Ainsworth
  • Jacob "Wings" Shay
  • Jasmine "Spazmine" Blackwell
  • Kat Barrows
  • Maddie "No Name" Hall
  • Matt "Minion" Cunningham
  • Morgan "Pokey the Wonder Slug" Smith
  • Olivia "Kendrivia" Raster
  • Rudy Pankow
  • Ryan "Blue Steele" Moritz
  • Teva "Peepers" Wiese
  • Zach "Smalls" Hebert


Louisiana Studios (New Orleans, Mandeville):

  • Caleb Ferguson
  • Marshall Roy
  • (Positions Open!)


Alumni/ Staff Emeritus:

Addie Ramonda, Anna Gonwa Ramonda, Ben Claman, Brenyn Marshall, Briana Jorelemon, Brittany "Mudder" McCusker, Carl "Team America" Uchytil, Chelsea "Captain Geek" Rothchild, Conner "Side Show" Pope, Cortney Beck, Courtney Wendell, Danielle S, Devon Stanford, Ellen Timmerman, Elly Maurer, Emily Garrett, Justin "Iowa" Covault, Joley Hodgson, Kaden Phillips, Kendra Wittwer, Khalil English, Kyle "Disney" Phillips, Jevon "Ominous Tuba" Phillips, Leah Edwards, Luc Rondeau, Luc Wilford, Lily Burger Pothier, Lucy Nelson, Marie Holden, Max Osgood, Melissa Castle, Nathan "Googly" Ord, Nick "Goober" Rutecki, Nick "Thrash" Whicker, Peter Jorgensen , Rachel Donohoe, Regan "Twitch" Cloudy, Robert Brian, Robin "Mad Hampster" Woodby, Sarah Edwards, Stuart "Stewie" Thurston, Torsten Fagerstom, Ty "Tickle Alexander Charles" Grussendorf



To all those who've ever helped me out, guided me along, or were just all around great to me: Aaron Nix, The Markoviches, Anne O’Connell, Brad Styron, Chelsea Smith, Charlie Starr, Chris Beck, Christian Jacobsen, The Evans, Cody Bennett, Colby Newman, Corrine Marks, DeVille Vannick, Dinah Pearson, Don Cornelius, Dylan Baker, Erik Halvorson, Fred Collier, Grant Heffner, Greg Tang, Gretchen Garrett, Hall Anderson, Hannah Buck, Hans Hubbard, Jared Lawrence, Jarrett Thomas, Jenna Rutecki, Johanna Hubbard, Kent Stein, Kevin Bohren, Kevin Lockhart, Kit Law, Klas Stolpe, Larry Comstock, Lisa Shramek, Marilyn Holmes, Melissa Newman, Michael Penn, Penny McGoey, The Phillips, The Pihls, Ron Spellman, Scott Griffith, Sean Bigelow, Seth Cayce, The Singstads, Tanner Petrie, Tim Nichols, Trent Makela, Tye Olson, Walter Parada, Alaska Marine Lines (Roy G.), Capital City Fire/ Rescue, Floyd Dryden Middle School (Sally Millay), Gastineau Channel Little League (Darcy and Andy M, John B, Jeff P), Glacier Swim Club, Heritage Coffee, Juneau Adult Hockey League, Juneau Douglas High School (Lisa Baker, Gary Lehnhart), Juneau Empire, Juneau Soccer Club, Juneau Youth Football League, Ketchikan Cohos, Ketchikan Daily News, Ketchikan High School, Ketchikan Little League, Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department, the Southeast Waffle Co, Treadwell Arena, Viking Swim Club (Scott G), Yellow Cab #92, and the blessed angel of MacGyverisms-and-Sheer-Dumb-Luck... thanks!